Reasons Why You Should Love Football

Football is a sport that is loved and followed by millions and millions across the globe. The sport has become an obsession to people who love it for the actual game played, and for those that love the rituals that come with being a football fan. Retail industry has provided every member of the family, including pets with football apparel and accessories.

Why should you love football if you do not enjoy the game itself? There are so many answers to this question. Some love football for the pregame action (make sure you bring a pomegranate juice lip balm for moisture). It is the only sport where fans attending a game show up hours early to tailgate in a parking lot; enjoying food, drinks, games and conversation with family and friends. If you are not physically attending a game, there is still pregaming to be had. There are television shows dedicated to pregame information and it has also become a tradition to spend time with loved ones and eat as much as you possibly can before the game starts.


Loving football is also loving the entertainment that comes with the game besides the actual game. High profile singers will be on hand to deliver the national anthem, there is always halftime entertainment and companies always deliver their best commercials during football games. The entertainment industry has even gone as far as having puppies put on a puppy bowl super bowl spinoff on Super Bowl Sunday.


Football is simply more than a sport. There is obviously the actual football game that so many people are there to watch. It is the one sport that brings people together. It allows friendly competition during single games and also if you are involved in fantasy football teams. It puts families and friends together in one room for several hours to watch a game. It has kids dream about football stardom while watching one of their favorite players on tv. It is truly a special way to bond families and friends, even if you do not like the same team.


The Super Bowl is another reason to love football. Even if you do not follow the entire football season, so many people become instant fans of a team just for Super Bowl Sunday. There are days of lead up to this one single game. Television programming and parts of each newscast are dedicated to bring you heartwarming stories about the players and their families and give us all a glimpse into their lives off the field. We see their own families and what they do to volunteer in the communities they live in.


The game has the most popular entertainers singing God Bless America and the National Anthem. The halftime show provides some of the most sought-after entertainment that the whole world can enjoy. The winning team of the game is celebrated with confetti dropping and parades in the hometown of the winning team.


Football is truly more than just the game The game be the cornerstone of football Sunday, or Saturday if you are a college football fan, but there is so much more to enjoy than just the game!